Tile Backsplash

With backsplash tile, the experts at Carpet One Floor & Home can bring your kitchen or bathroom to life. From luxurious stone tiles to budget-friendly ceramic, we make updating your kitchen or bathroom easy as can be. We can transform your space with a simple update to your tile backsplash, or add it in where it previously wasn’t. Doing this quick renovation will enhance the look of your space while keeping it low maintenance.

Porcelain Tile

Create a Custom Backsplash

Whether you’ve been thinking of backsplash tile for a long time or were inspired recently by a photograph, creating your personalized backsplash can be done with a variety of tile types and styles. If you haven’t thought of adding tile backsplash before, exploring our showroom is a good idea. Ceramic, porcelain, and stone are all tiles that can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Depending on the design, each can bring added durability and style benefits.

Along with styles, textures of tile can also be diverse. Some are smooth and glossy, while others are rigid, reflecting the genuine stone look. Mosaic tile borders are also common when customizing your backsplash. The details can make a huge difference when your backsplash is complete. Even the slightest addition of an accent is essential to making your kitchen or bathroom backsplash unique. Choose contrasting colors for a pop of color, or complementing colors to tone it down but still add visual interest.

Durable Protection

To this day, tiles are still the most highly recommended material for kitchen and bathroom backsplash. The reason for this is due to their durable nature. In the kitchen, sprays, spills, and splatters will no longer damage your drywall with the addition of tile. In the bathroom, tile protects walls from excess moisture and dirt. Unlike wallpaper, tile will not peel or split. Tile is also a sturdy material, so its likelihood to crack even under pressure is low.

Easy Maintenance

Tile is easily maintained no matter what the type. Ceramic, porcelain, and stone are all easy to clean and maintain. If something does happen to get on your tile, wiping it down can be done with soap and water and a rag. It is suggested to dust tiles and wipe them down every so often as well as scrub the grout. Again, tile is much more manageable to maintain than walls, so heavy scrubbing is not needed. If you stick to these guidelines, the tile will last longer and look brighter.

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