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Buy Carpet in Wyoming

Comforting and ever so cozy, your carpet represents all the trappings of home. Consistently holding its spot as one of the most beloved flooring mediums, carpeting is offered up in a limitless universe of colors, styles, and patterns. There are selections to suit every space and style. Carpet flooring has the ability to transform your room with dramatic results. It can readily complement both commercial and residential interiors, and accommodate many different lifestyles and budgets.


At Carpet One Floor & Home, we offer all of the latest carpet options, and we’re always eager to share our extensive flooring knowledge. We proudly provide carpet flooring and carpet installation services to Southeast and Central Wyoming, Scottsbluff to Sydney, Nebraska. Shop our carpet selection online now, or visit one of our showroom locations in Cheyenne, Laramie, and Casper, Wyoming.



Types of Carpet

When you shop for a new carpet, there are a number of factors to consider, including design, performance, fiber material, and cost. This type of floor is made to meet a wide variety of needs, ranging from kid-friendly features to allergy-protection and stain-resistance. There are carpets that are made especially for heavily-tread areas, and carpets made entirely for luxurious comfort. The first step to finding the perfect carpet is to familiarize yourself with the common carpet types: level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush.




Types of Carpet Fibers

A carpet’s fibers will play an enormous role in how the floor functions and feels. For instance, nylon and polyester fibers, which are synthetic, will have a softer feel and be very durable. Wool fiber, which is natural, is rougher to the touch, but it is a terrific insulator and eco-friendly. Fibers are woven into piles, which may be low, medium, and high. They also can be cut, looped, or both. Pile affects each carpet’s performance rating, including its density.


Nylon is a synthetic carpet fiber that is durable and strong. It can be treated with stain-resistance, and when it is, it’s one of the most popular carpet fibers.


Polyester is a durable carpet fiber that can also be treated with stain-resistance to become an excellent choice for busy homes and lifestyles.


Olefin is a carpet fiber that comes in many styles and colors. It does not have built-in durability like other carpet fibers, so it’s best for low-traffic rooms.


Wool is a natural carpet fiber that is flame and soil-resistant. If you’re looking for a natural carpet fiber, wool is a top choice, but be sure to have wool carpets professionally maintained.




Carpet Textures

Along with the many carpet fibers, there are also a number of carpet textures. The texture of a carpet is how it is attached to its backing. This can determine the best area where a specific carpet can be installed.


Cut pile carpet is made up of fibers that are cut. The top of the cut piece is what appears on the surface. You can find a few different heights and twists in cut pile carpet.


Loop carpet is loops of carpet fibers attached to the backing. The loop height can vary depending on the carpet, and patterns can vary as well.


Cut loop carpet is a combination of cut pile and loop carpet on one backing. With this type of carpet, you will notice beautiful designs and patterns.




Pet-Friendly Carpets

We have no shortage of attractive and pet-friendly flooring. If you’re worried about puppy accidents and fur, ask our experts to help you find the best carpet for your space. We have stain-resistant options that also resist odors and moisture. We even have waterproof carpets, which have an industrial backing that blocks urine and spills from moving to the carpet pad and subfloor.



Where Can Carpet Be Installed?

With so many wonderful qualities for both the home and the office, carpeting truly has lots to offer. Representing possibilities and value, these floors keep you warm, in style, and always comfortable. Since it also has amazing insulating qualities, a good carpet will improve your room’s energy efficiency. You can install carpet anywhere, except for the bathroom and kitchen. These spaces are better suited for waterproof hard surface floors. We also have commercial carpet and carpet tiles for business settings.



Our Carpet Selection

At Carpet One Floor & Home we carry the region’s most comprehensive inventory of fine carpeting products, including exclusive brands that cannot be purchased elsewhere. Quality selections by Lees, Tigressá, and Karastan are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our carpet brand selection. Our inventory includes many in-stock flooring options that are ready to install right away – no waiting for shipping. Visit us today in Cheyenne, Laramie, and Casper, Wyoming, and let our product expertise help steer you towards the perfect match.



Learn More About Carpet

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Carpet Remnants

Working on a small project like a closet, hallway, or staircase? Carpet remnants are an affordable way to floor these areas.



Area Rugs

We can help you create a stylish area rug that will beautifully complete your interiors through our custom area rug services.



Area Rugs
Carpet Maintenance

Carpet Maintenance

Now that you’ve installed your perfect carpeting, we know you’ll want to admire it for as long as possible. Great news: it’s easy to ensure that your new floor will stay beautiful for many years to come