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Carpet in Wyoming


There's nothing quite like the warmth and comfort of carpet under your feet—it's the heart of every home. As the premier destination for carpet in Cheyenne, Laramie, and Casper, Wyoming, Carpet One Floor & Home is here to bring you the finest selection and expert knowledge to make your carpet shopping experience a delight.


Transform Your Space with Carpet

At Carpet One, we understand that every homeowner has unique tastes and preferences. That's why our carpet collection spans a limitless universe of colors, styles, and patterns. From classic to contemporary, you're sure to find the perfect carpet that complements your home's aesthetic.

Carpet flooring has incredible transformative power. It can turn a dull and lifeless room into a cozy haven that resonates with comfort and elegance. Whether it's a residential space or a commercial area, our carpeting solutions cater to every lifestyle and budget.


What Are the Benefits of Carpet?


Types of Carpet to Match Your Needs

When you step into our showroom, you'll be amazed by the array of options available to you. Each carpet type—level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush—serves different needs. Some are designed for high-traffic areas, while others focus on luxurious comfort. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the features of each type to help you make an informed decision.


The most common types of carpet include:


Does Carpet Fiber Matter?

A carpet’s fibers will play an enormous role in how the floor functions and feels. For instance, nylon and polyester fibers, which are synthetic, will have a softer feel and be very durable. Wool fiber, which is natural, is rougher to the touch, but it is a terrific insulator and eco-friendly. Fibers are woven into piles, which may be low, medium, and high. They also can be cut, looped, or both. Pile affects each carpet’s performance rating, including its density.



The texture of your carpet matters as much as its fibers. Whether you prefer the elegance of cut pile carpet, the practicality of loop carpet, or the stunning designs of cut-loop carpet, we have it all. Our team will help you choose the texture that complements your room's aesthetics and suits its purpose.


Where Can I Find Pet-Friendly Carpet?

We understand the importance of pet-friendly flooring, especially for homeowners in Wyoming. Our stain-resistant carpets, designed to resist odors and moisture, are perfect for pet owners. For added protection, we even offer waterproof carpets with an industrial backing that prevents spills from reaching the subfloor.


Versatile Installation Options

With carpet's amazing insulating qualities, you can enjoy enhanced energy efficiency in your home. Our carpets can be installed throughout your space, except for bathrooms and kitchens where waterproof hard surface floors are better suited. You can even enjoy carpet in the form of area rugs which allows you to add changeable comfort and style. For businesses, we offer commercial carpet and carpet tiles that combine style and durability.


Where Can Carpet Be Installed?


Where Can I Shop Carpet Near Me?

Come and experience the warmth and comfort of our fine carpeting products at our showrooms in Cheyenne, Laramie, and Casper, Wyoming. Our dedicated team of experts is eager to help you find the perfect match that suits your style and needs. We are proud to be members of the Carpet One Cooperative, and offer an incredible selection of flooring products and services you'll only find shopping with us. Elevate your home's comfort with our premium carpets—shop with us now!

The Importance of Carpet Padding

Carpet padding provides essential support to your carpet that not only makes it more comfortable to stand on but extends the life of your carpet.
greige patterned plush carpet in living room

Why We Love Carpet

Need even more reasons to love carpet? Here's all the reasons you should choose carpet for your home.
greige textured carpet in living room
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Shop Our Carpet in Cheyenne, WY

Don't wait any longer to start browsing our incredible selection of carpets! From patterned to textured to everything in between we have you - and your floor - covered.


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