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At Carpet One Floor & Home, we do our best to provide you with products that will help you get the most out of your home. We’re proud to carry a variety of flooring options, as well as our unique product, Wallplanks. Wallplanks make it easy for you to get an accent wall in your home without all the extra work that can be involved in creating the accent you’ve always dreamed of. You can get started creating a look you love by working with our local sales pros. We’re here to help you choose the styles and designs that suit your space and your desired design goals. We can even keep you up to date on today’s top design trends!



What Are Wallplanks?

Wallplanks are peel and stick planks that are easy to install and come in tons of designs. Whether you are looking for the rustic wood wall look, or you want a more refined wood look, there is a Wallplank for you. What makes these planks different is that they’re made to be installed on a wall. Unlike genuine wood planks that are heavy and can be cumbersome to install, our planks are made to be quick and easy to install for any homeowner.



How to Install Wallplanks

You will want to first clean and dry the wall using a clean sponge. Next, remove all of the hardware that may be on the wall, including any covers for light switches and outlets. To ensure that your wall comes out straight, make a line with a pencil of where you want to start by using a level and marking a line. You can nail a few tacks into the line to make it easier to install the planks.


After your lines are straight and ready to go, pick up one of your planks and peel the paper off the back of the plank. It’s easiest if you lay the plank on a flat surface or have a partner hold it for you. Position the plank where you want it to go, then push. The plank will adhere to the wall. When you get to the edges, mark your plank where you will need to cut it. Cut the plank, sand the edge so it’s not jagged, and place it on the wall. You will also need to cut the planks to fit around outlets and light switches. Continue working on the wall until you no longer have any space left. Last, you can install the trim.


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Back Country

If you want the rustic look, Back Country is best for you. These planks look like antique or reclaimed wood to give you the natural, worn look.

Natural Walnut

Natural walnut adds warmth and richness to any space. Whether you choose this for a dining room or a living room, you’ll feel cozy and comfortable.

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The Umber style is bold and modern. For trendy style, opt for this dark-toned Wallplank.


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